Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Use Your Glitter!

I have a deep LOVE of glitter. You might say I have an extensive "collection" of glitter. I also call it LOVE DUST. Over this past weekend I kept hearing "Use Your Glitter!" If I use it what will happen to my "collection"? Then I began to see that my glitter "collection" is very similar to my other "collections" namely my certifications, knowledge from books and life experience. I realized I need to use these "collections" as well. Because if I don't use my glitter "collection" HOW will I spread this LOVE DUST around. And if I don't use the certifications, knowledge from books and life experiences HOW and I going to spread that LOVE around as well? Oh I plan on replenishing the glitter and keep on experiencing life in various ways but I AM GOING TO USE MY GLITTER!!!! Stay tuned!!!!