Thursday, December 31, 2009

46 Things to learn in 2010

Okay folks I don't have to make up a new list from last year just add a few more things onto it. While I accomplished and did learn masses I strayed from my list a bit last year! Below is my list from last year with added tidbits from me!

45 things to learn in 2009

One of my friend Cindy's favorite blogs is 37 Days. I went there to check it out and she encouraged you to learn in 2009 as many things as your age. Since I am (shhhh....45) years old I made a list of the 45 things I would like to learn this year. Man that seems like a lot of things to learn in one year. I do love learning new things so here they go! I encourage you to make your own learning list.

1. Learn to play tennis. 1.On the list for 2010. I did not even pick up a racket all year!

2. Learn conversational Spanish. 2.On the list for 2010. I did learn some phrases but not enough for a conversation. Meet some spanish speaking friends to help me out with this!

3. Learn how to jog a half marathon. 3.On the list for 2010. Ha! I don't even think I jogged once in 2009.

4. Learn photo shop. 4.On the list for 2010. With my new camera I really want to learn this!

5. Learn to play guitar. 5. On the list for 2010. I should probably purchase one for this goal!

6. Learn salsa dancing. 6. On the list for 2010.

7. Learn to scuba dive. 7.On the list for 2010. I did snorkel that is a step in the right direction!

8. Learn how to make an organic garden. 8.On the list for 2010.

9. Learn to say NO! CHECK!! This was not an easy one to do but it does make me feel empowered. I can make my own choices and sometimes it is as simple as saying NO!

10. Learn to sew. (My mom is laughing very loud right now!) 9. On the list for 2010.

11. Learn to water ski. 10. On the list for 2010.

12. Learn to snow ski. 11. On the list for 2010.

13. Learn how to make jewelry.CHECK!

14. Learn how to do watercolors. 13. Still on the list for 2010. I did dabble a bit in them!

15. Learn how to make my hair look nice everyday! 14. On the list for 2010. My wild hair drives me crazy!

16. Learn how to do my nails. 15. On the list for 2010. By doing them I mean more them chewing on!

17. Learn how to jet ski. 16. On the list for 2010.

18. Learn stand up comedy. 17.On the list for 2010.

19. Learn how to act in a play. 18. On the list for 2010.

20. Learn how to sing. 19. On the list for 2010. I sang a lot but did not get any professional training!

21. Learn how to use an iPod. 20. On the list for 2010. I need to get one first!

22. Learn how to love better. CHECK! Myself at the top of this list!

23. Learn some art history. CHECK! I have loved the art history I have learned at the art museums I have visited across the U.S of A.

24. Learn how to write poetry. 21. On the list for 2010! I have been writing in 2009 not sure just how poetic it is.

25. Learn more about holistic healing. CHECK!

26. Learn to let go. CHECK!

27. Learn that I am ENOUGH! CHECK!

28. Learn how to live a Goddess life. 22. I want this on my list for 2010. I would give it a half of a check for 2009!

29. Learn to live simple. CHECK! I gave away almost all my stuff!

30. Learn to drum. 23. On the list for 2010. I panned for gold in California instead!

31. Learn to do public speaking..motivational! 24. On the list for 2010.  I shared my story with many people in 2009 working on the public part!

32. Learn to design clothes. 25.On the list for2010. Love love love fun clothes!

33. Learn to design shoes. 26. On the list for 2010. I still love shoes!

34. Learn the settings on my camera. 27. On the list for 2010. I received a different camera for Christmas this year.

35. Learn to embrace life. CHECK! LOVE life living it EACH day!

36. Learn to forgive. CHECK! Myself was on the top of this list! I have been way too hard on myself for way too long.

37. Learn Native American culture. CHECK! Traveling west across the United States of America was a real eye opener for me!

38. Learn to sky dive. 28. On the list for 2010. I flew out of the country for the first time but did not jump!

39. Learn to mountain climb. 29. On the list for 2010. I did go hiking in Tennessee with my brother this past summer.

40. Learn white water rafting. 30. On the list for 2010. I did go canoeing!

41. Learn to horseback ride. 31. On the list for 2010. Was not on a horse once in 2009.

42. Learn to surf. 32. On the list for 1020. I swam in the Pacific Ocean for the first time does that count?

43. Learn to play more. CHECK! I did this one!

44. Learn to belly dance. 33. On the list for 2010.

45. Learn to remember my dreams. CHECK! I did remember more dreams this year. I even wrote them down!
34. Learn to use my etsy shop to sell my creations.
35. Learn how to have an art show.
36. Learn how to write a book.
37. Learn how to keep kindred spirits close to me.
38. Learn how to knit.
39. Learn to listen to my physical body's needs.
40. Learn to sail a boat.
41. Learn to trust my instincts all the time.
42. Learn peace making.
43. Learn how to use an iphone.
44. Learn story telling.
45. Learn candlemaking.
46. Learn to fly an airplane.


  1. What happens when you complete this list? :)

  2. Tom I guess I will have to make a new list!