Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pay It Forward Eddie!

I had an amazing Pay It Forward experience last night! The following is a note that I wrote last year. My Paying It Forward last night made me THANK Eddie again! I had pulled into a rest area to go to the restroom. When I was crossing the parking lot a car pulled up to me and the man said "Can I ask you a huge favor?" "I am almost out of gas and I am on my way to pick up my daughter." I am not sure if he was telling the truth or not but I really didn't care. It was my grandson's Pay It Forward day! I thought I will just give him the cash I have left in my pants pocket. I knew it was not too much. Reached into my pocket and pulled out a five and a one. $6.00!!!! The exact amount that Eddie had given me 7 months earlier for gas in my car. I smiled when I handed it to him and told him, people have Paid It Forward to me in gas, remember to do the same some day!

July 6, 2010

The Eddie's in this world!

Each and every day is an adventure in it self. With awe and amazement I watch as everyone of my needs are met on a daily basis. The Craig's List "free room" turned out to be a very negative situation for me so I loaded my car after 24 hours and head to the road again. With very little gas in my car and $1.50 to my name I did not know where this day would lead. I stopped at a Pilot station and filled up my thermos with their free ice. Did you know you can get free ice there? Just bring your own cup! I sat for a while pondering the map. I could see a rest area not far down the road, I like them they usually have clean restrooms, water and a shady area to "rest" under. Asking the Universe "WHAT's NEXT?" as I was munching on some cashews with a breeze blowing in the 90 some degree Indiana summer day, I receive an update to my phone from facebook. It said "Head west! Head west!". I thought way not? It was from my friend Lisa Hardwick. The plan was for me to come to her house for the weekend and go to a music festival this weekend, why not go a few days earlier? Oh yeah... I was about 90 miles from her house with only a couple of gallons of gas in my car. Off I go headed North West. About 30 miles from her house I hear that all familiar sputter sputter. I am out of gas on HWY 130 in Illinois, where there is not much of an area to pull to the side. To my amazement I was able to coast to this little gravel side road. I am off the road AND safe! Thank You Universe! Around the bend on the gravel road comes an old pickup truck pulling a trailer followed by a kid on a 4-wheeler. He asks if I need some help. I let him know I am out of gas and I only have about $1.50 to my name and I am trying to get to Charleston. Smiling he tells me to stay put, he lives just down the road and he will be back with some gas for me. When he returns he puts $6.00 in my hand and says that should get me to Charleston along with the 3 gallons he puts in my tank. I have more gas now then when I began the trip today! He tells me that he has been in my situation before and he feels that when you put good out into the world good comes back to you. I thank him and he reaches out his hand and says by the way I am Eddie. We need a world full of Eddies!

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