Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Use Your Glitter!

I have a deep LOVE of glitter. You might say I have an extensive "collection" of glitter. I also call it LOVE DUST. Over this past weekend I kept hearing "Use Your Glitter!" If I use it what will happen to my "collection"? Then I began to see that my glitter "collection" is very similar to my other "collections" namely my certifications, knowledge from books and life experience. I realized I need to use these "collections" as well. Because if I don't use my glitter "collection" HOW will I spread this LOVE DUST around. And if I don't use the certifications, knowledge from books and life experiences HOW and I going to spread that LOVE around as well? Oh I plan on replenishing the glitter and keep on experiencing life in various ways but I AM GOING TO USE MY GLITTER!!!! Stay tuned!!!!


  1. You do glitter really well. Keep spreading the LOVE DUST. The world and all of those around you will greatly benefit by your glittering. XO

  2. Brings back lots and lots of shimmering memories. Yes, by all means, use your glitter.