Sunday, June 26, 2011

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

I woke up this morning with the song "You Are Not Alone" going through my head. Then several different places on Facebook I saw that phrase this morning. An event came to my mind, when I was in California a couple of years ago. I had left Indiana on April 20th, 2009 with $334, and everything I owned in my little red 2003 Ford Focus. I was headed to a Mermaid Mixed Media workshop taught by Suzi Blu. Where I was going after that I didn't have a clue! I was going to let my intuition guide me! I would have my final check from my job deposited in my bank account in a couple of weeks so I would have some money in the future. My plan was to land wherever my money ran out or my car broke down.

 It is Saturday May 2nd, 2009, my cash is depleted, and my final check has not been deposited in my account yet. While hanging out on the beach everyday is not a bad thing, I have decided I want to take the train down to San Diego. I walked to the depot to see how much a ticket would cost, so I could plan when I got my money deposited. It was an automated system and there was an elderly lady trying to figure out how to get her ticket. I helped her read the instructions and purchase her ticket. While we were standing there talking waiting for the train we notice a sign that states the train will be there at 10am. She says "well shoot that will be too late for me to meet my friends. Would you like my ticket?" WOULD I !?!?!? squeal!! a~bun~dance! dance! dance! dance! 

I go to my car and pack some snacks for the day, since I dont have cash to buy anything to eat. Now to figure out the train and where I helped this lady purchase a ticket for "me" to go to!!!! Turns out I am going to Old San Diego and they are having a Cinco De Mayo festival! Lots of free music, food samples (I wouldn't have needed to bring my snacks after all! Just another step in me learning that The Universe Always Provides!)
When exiting the train in Old Town, 
I had checked the schedule and decided to leave on the last possible train back to my car! I wanted to soak up as much of this fun, positive energy as I could. Right before the next to last train was leaving I heard and felt that familiar nudging "go now" but... but... "go now" I wanted to stay, but learning to listen to and follow my intuition I knew it was for a good reason.

I went back to the train station and sat on the bench, pulled out "The Red Book" to read while I waited. I heard a voice, this time it came from a young girl. "That looks like an interesting book." I knew why I needed to take the earlier train. Her story goes something like this, 18 years old, in and out of foster care most of her life, has found the most comfort in doing art, back with mom but mom doesn't seem to want her there, headed to see her boyfriend, go to Disneyland, and looking for a job.

I tell her my story of how I landed in California and on that train that day. I could tell it touched her! I encouraged her to continue finding comfort in her art. She told me that she loved the purple bracelet I was wearing. Purple is her favorite color. I looked down at it and smiled! You see I had found this bracelet on the ground the last time I was in Chicago. I take it off and hand it to her, telling her the story of me finding it in Chicago, her eyes lit up "I have always wanted to go to Chicago" she gasps!

Often I wonder about Desiree, did she make it to Chicago yet? Is she finding comfort in her art? When she looks at that purple bracelet does she remember that "She Is Not Alone"?


  1. was just cking your post yesterday, had been nothing new as of late. Glad to see this. Thanks

  2. Yours are some of the few posts that I end up clicking the box for "Keep Unread" in my reader so I can come back when I have time to fully absorb. Once again it was worth the wait, always inspiring:)