Friday, January 28, 2011


I am back to writing on this blog. But...but...but... I don't have anything "profound" to share. Do I really need "profound" moments to share? Isn't my everyday life "profound" in itself?

This past week I have slept in my car at rest areas and store parking lots. In a hotel and a friends' house. Taken a shower in a community center that I stumbled upon. While living this nomadic lifestyle for the past year and a half, a warm shower is something I seek after and rejoice in. The simple things mean so much. The time alone was just what I needed to restore the resources that I had depleted in my life.

I went to a singles dance in Illinois and danced and laughed, then swam in the hotel pool the next morning. Chicago Mermaid love! dance....laugh....swim...

Ventured Chicago way on Sunday to watch the Bears/Packers playoff game with "my people". After taking the ORANGE line from Midway Airport to Roosevelt, I walked with the masses of people heading to Soldier Field, equally Packers and Bears fans! I paused often when I felt the energy level at a very high, just soaking it up! After walking around the stadium, touching it, kissing it (yeah I did!) I went in search of somewhere warm to watch the game. Looking for the sports bar where I had watched a Bears/Vikings game a couple of years ago. I knew it was close to Soldier Field just not sure where it was located or what it was called. Not exactly sure which way to go I said to my spirit, lead me. I head on the metal ramp that winds out of the area, passing people telling me that I am going the wrong way.

The thought just occurred to me HOW? can they knew which way I am suppose to be heading? They
are not me! They do not know what MY spirit is saying to me. They do not KNOW my hearts desire! How often have I thought or even said to someone "you are going the wrong way!" When I am not them, HOW? do I know which way THEY are suppose to be heading? HOW do I know what THEIR spirit is saying to them? I don't KNOW their hearts desire!

Back to the story about finding "my people". As I come out on the street it all starts looking familiar. YES I am heading in the right direction! Only a few blocks more and I see the corner bar AND it has a line down the street to get in. Oh, I don't want to stand out in the cold streets. But the nudge was there to wait. Laughing and chatting with those in line, the wait did not seem long. Inside it was standing room only, elbow to elbow. My belly growls, I AM HUNGRY, how am I going to get some food? I go up to the hostess stand and she tells me I can put in a to go order, whoohoo! While waiting for my food to make an appearance, I spy two spare chair sitting by the railing, you know when they take them away from tables because their party does not need them at their table. There are coats on them with a guy standing watch, I ask him if I can sit in one, he says sure! I have a SEAT! When they call him to a table I notice an older lady looking at the seat longingly. I wave her over and we chat while she is waiting on her table. Very well educated, with a kind spirit, "my people". A gentleman with gray hair peeks around the corner saying to us, I think you have the best seats in the house. I would have to agree. I tell him that she is getting a table and I can save this seat for him if he would like. YES he would! I put my coat on the chair until comes to claim it. He tells me he is a Packers fan, WHAT? I saved a chair for a Packers fan! He tells me his name is Dave, WHAT? I saved a chair for a Dave! (my ex's name). He talks about his wife, WHAT? I saved a seat for a married man! All pressure was off, we could have fun and we did, talking about our adventures in life and our dreams. He happened to be there because his daughter worked there and he was visiting her from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Dave THE Packer fan laid his hand on my shoulder to console me after my Bears were defeated and gently reminded me that "it was just a game". Very well educated with a kind spirit, "my people".

I received good service from his daughter, and a free drink! 
dance! dance! dance!

Even though my Bears lost in the Championship game and would not be going to the Superbowl, I smiled all the way back to my car. What a wonderful time!


  1. This was great Lisa. I like the part about telling people they are going in the wrong direction...also, finding out the guy was was funny, but what a great story...meeting new folks and making new friends...even if you were going in the wrong

  2. Looooved this post in your blog! Dance sista dance!

  3. Your comments about going the wrong way were profound. How true it is that we have no way to know which way someone else should be going! Loved reading your blog post.