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My Sassy Self is Back!

My Sassy Self is BACK!

December 31, 2001/ January 1, 2002

My daughter Bethany's Story

"Hey you want to go for a ride with us, in this van we stole?" My gut told me not to get in the van, but I did it anyway. The ride was so much fun even though the driver was only years 13 years old. The 3 of us took turns on our joy ride around the country side! I don't remember much for the next few days, you see by not listening to what my gut said I was in a serious van accident, flown by a helicopter to a major hospital and in intensive care for 10 days.

My version of what transpired those next 10 days.

My daughter Bethany was thrown from the van, receiving multiple injuries. The 2 "friends" who were with her thought she was dead and drug her body up under some pine trees to hide her. They walked for a couple of miles to get a way to come back and get her. Their plan was to throw her in the gravel pit so no would find her. Two angels were sent to find her before they got back. An EMT at the scene recognized her and called my dad. My dad called me and said Bethany was in a van wreck and she isn't doing very good they are flying her to Ft. Wayne.

Oh my God!

I went into action and preceded to get to Ft. Wayne as fast as I could. When I got there they would not let me go back to her until the chaplain got there to take me.

Oh my God!

As I sat there watching the ball drop in Times Square ringing in the New Year, thinking my 14 year old daughter was dead.

When I first saw her she was strapped down to a board with blood all over her. While she does not remember it, she said to me "Mom no matter what happens, just remember I LOVE YOU." I will remember!

Her next words were toward the people working on her "Damn it I said give me something to drink!" We all laughed and I knew then she was going to live!

I would not leave her side for days. Her internal organs were damaged and she had a skull fracture. They had decided to see if her body would heal itself without doing surgery. On her last day at the hospital they moved her down to the pediatric ward. I was exhausted, and went into a deep sleep on the couch there. That is until she woke me up and told me to QUIT SNORING SO LOUD. Sassy music to my ears!
It took weeks of rehab and rest but she is recovered, almost completely, she has scars for life and hearing loss. She does not blame the kids she was with, it was her decision to get in the van that day. The best thing she received from this is to listen to her gut, listen to her intuition.

FAST FORWARD to recent events in my life!

I had the chance to get in the "van" of what I thought was the "cool kid" van! My gut said "don't do it!" But did I listen? NO I DID NOT!

I got in the "cool kid" van and had a ton of fun on this joy ride I knew I was not suppose to be on. That is until it wrecked and I was thrown from it and drug up under the trees left for dead!

I have spent the past 2 years traveling around the country with everything I own in my car! Packing and unpacking as I went from place to place! I have traveled with my 3 piece pear project that I did out of clay while I was in college. It was my art therapy after my 18 year old son Andrew died in an auto accident. I named it BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. One time when I was leaving this "cool kids" house, they said I could leave some of my stuff there if I did not want to put everything back in my car. Whew that was a relief! Only thing was when I came back, I found that the piece I had named LIFE was BROKEN! They had some construction done and my stuff was moved and in the process my LIFE was broken! After all the traveling, packing, unpacking it broke where I thought it was SAFE!

I have spent days in "intensive care". Funny it is my daughter who has been by my side this time. I know after some rehab and rest I will recover, almost completely! There will be a permanent scar, I will never be the same, neither will my pear project. I do not blame the "cool kids" it was my decision to get in that van. The crack and glue will be a reminder to me to listen to my gut. To listen to my intuition.

My Sassy Self is Back to! I have been very cautious about what I have said for too long, I did not want to "offend" anyone! But in the process I was not being true to myself. My desire is to be my AUTHENTIC self, and it feels really GOOD!

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