Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I went to The Jay Garment Antique Mall in Portland Indiana last Friday. Just to walk around get some exercise and look and see what they had. Which is EVERYTHING! I passed by childhood memories just amazed.

I had given all my "stuff" away in April of this year. Keeping a few treasures for myself. Knowing that I wanted to travel light.... very light. While talking to people as I have been traveling I have discovered they are very afraid to get rid of their "stuff'". They say "what if I need it later?" I say and can prove that there is a whole wide world out there full of MORE "stuff" out there.

If you want old "stuff" there are antique malls galore, flea makets in nearly every town, garage sales, rummage sales. "Stuff" "Stuff" everywhere. If you want new "stuff" there are stores and more stores. In the bountiful U. S. of A. there is no lack of "stuff".

There is no need to hoard "stuff".  Everywhere I go....I find everything I need is there already. If and when I decide to "settle" down in one place I now I can go to the antique malls and get any of the old "stuff" I have given away. I can go to the multitude of stores and get any new "stuff" I would choose to have. There is an abundance of "stuff" in the world.

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