Friday, December 11, 2009


My thoughts lately are about the balance in my life. I know currently things are tipping a bit out of balance. It makes my world a bit rocky. How do I get it back? I heard bits and pieces of an interview with Oprah about her weight and she said something like "when my weight gets out of control I know my world is out of balance. I need to get back to putting myself first." I can relate to that. When I don't put Lisa first on the list my world tips out of balance and people, places and things start sliding to the edge. I can visualize it now I am standing on one edge of the world stomping up and down trying to keep everything from falling off the edge of the other side. Not a very affective way of balancing things out. Much better to stand in the middle like a teeter totter, not too much to one side.
The balance theme reminded me of a couple of classes in college. Dynamic equilibrium in metrology class. This is where weather tries to keep a balance in the air temperature. Very complicated and basic at the same time.Whenever there is a" big storm" I think dynamic equilibrium. The earth is just trying to keep its balance. This has made me think whenever I have a "big storm" in my life is the universe trying to create a balance in my life? Have I gotten off balance?
Mentally I learned of a thing called cognitive dissonance in one of my classes. Basically it is when something happens in your life that is too far off of what your reality is that your brain works to try to reason it back to the center.
BALANCE this is what I will be seeking in my life. Any ideas for me to accomplish this?

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