Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Speed Dating N.E.X.T.

One of my favorite sayings that my daughter uses is "Men are like McDonalds Drive Thru...N.E.X.T!" I think it is the very modern way of saying there are more out there if you don't work out. Last night at my Speed Dating experience I said N.E.X.T. thru the 7 men there.

Example number one. There were questions on the table that you could ask. I choose "If you were an animal in the wild what would you be?" After much thought the man said 'a honeybee". N.E.X.T.

Example number two. The man said there were three of us boys and it is a surprise that my mom is still sane we were such dicks. N.E.X.T.

Example number three. You left your abusive marriage, I think my wife would have told people I was abusive. Even though I never was. N.E.X.T.

Example number four. So you are a visual artist. You know I am very visual, us men are visual beings. N.E.X.T.

The others with their deer in the headlight stares when I told them I am a visual artist and I have 4 kids. N.E.X.T.

It was a good experience and I did exchange phone numbers and email addresses with a lovely lady that I talked to while waiting on the men. The ratio was in the mens favor, 7 men for 12 women.

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