Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Radiate Love and Happiness

I Radiate Love and Happiness!


Last May I attended a workshop in Chicago on Finding Your Soulmate taught by Arielle Ford.  I have been single for almost 11 years and have been thinking I don't want to be alone much longer. I am not feeling lonely, just alone, wanting someone to share an intimate life with, MY soulmate. Several steps were suggested, such as making a list of the qualities you are looking for, then burning that paper and releasing it to the Universe. Coloring a Mandela while repeating the qualities you are wanting in a soulmate. Also cleaning out your life to make room for your soulmate to enter it, and becoming the person that your soulmate would be attracted to. Feelizations, which are affirmations you say to yourself, not only verbally but feeling them!

This past week, I received an e-mail from this workshop with the affirmations



I radiate love and happiness


I am deserving of love


Love comes easily and effortlessly


My soulmate is on the way to me now


I am a love magnet



I have to warn you that this really does work so be careful if you use them!


I had been repeating the last one I am a love magnet over and over to myself while out shopping on Tuesday. Walking through the stores, I was visualizing myself as a magnet with hearts zooming toward me, feeling the clink, clink and the warm glow flow through my body.


I found some Strathmore watercolor paper on clearance at Meijer's, so excited, I had used all I had and needed more!

When checking out the cashier asked me if me if I was an artist. I love that I can now say "YES, why YES I am!"

He asked if I had some pictures on my phone.

"NO, why NO I don't!"

I handed him my business card, he read it while putting it in his wallet.

"Lisa! That is my girlfriends name, I love her, and she motivated me to go to college."

 I looked at his name tag, "your name is David? That is my ex husbands name!"

"Now you just burst my bubble." he said while shaking his head.

We laughed and exchanged more pleasant conversation. Turns out his birthday are the same as my oldest granddaughter.  He said she must be pretty special then.


He said "I love my job!" "I always meet the coolest people!" He was radiating love and happiness and I was a love magnet!  Clink! Clink!

What a pleasant experience! My friend was a few lanes down and told me her cashier heard us laughing and was enjoying it.



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  1. Ah Lisa, this is potent. I love your "take" on everyday life experiences which go from mundane to meaningful...You are radiant my friend. Thank you!