Sunday, February 6, 2011

"I don't wanna....."

Staring out the window one day while painfully trying to write about MY grief and how it has threaded goldenly through my life even before I was born, my overwhelming thought was "I don't wanna... do it!"

Then WHY are you? BECAUSE it is MY life and I am trying to tell MY life story? Because some friends and family said that is what I "should" do? Because it is what people NEED?

But I WANT to write about spirituality, sexuality, feminism, relationships, creativity, wholeness!

Ding ding ding....WINNER! Those things are ME too! New writing has begun, digging deeper into those and writing, for me... what I wanna!

Golden threads weaving the tapestry of my life, I can only see the sections, the knots, the stops, the starts. How can this ever be something beautiful to look at when finished? Finding the balance, finding the plan, the purpose, the pattern.

1 comment:

  1. It is beautiful because it is woven from your heart and the depths of your being. The tapestry will never be complete, since life is an ongoing basis as is your heart, soul and feelings. So, each day what you create will be an addition to the tapestry of life, colorful, warm, and beautiful. Sorry, I doth ramble on too much!